Don’t Buy an Urban Infill Home Unless City Street Was Cut

Buying a new or totally remodeled home in an established downtown setting is very popular in Michigan cities like Rochester, Birmingham or Royal Oak. Our company has built new or completely remodeled over 50 new homes in these desirable downtown areas. However, we ALWAYS run completely new water, sewer and storm piping out into the middle of City streets to tie into the City mains. This requires cutting the City street and curb and excavating in the middle of the street to properly tap into the City services.

If this is not done, there is very high risk that the sewer will not flow properly and backup sewage into your house or that your water flow in the house would be weak coming from the faucets. Many of our competitors do not run new services to the main, but instead just trust the old pipes under the street and tie into the old pipes by the City sidewalk or curb. If you don’t see a repaired street section 5’-8’ wide in front of intown new or remodeled home, chances are the Builder “cut a corner to save money” and you are at high risk for water and sewer problems in your new urban home.

Have Smith Building build your new or totally remodeled home in a great downtown location like Rochester where we have numerous available sites. And yes we guarantee that your underground major utilities will work and flow properly!

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