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New home builder and remodeling contractor in Rochester Michigan specializing in new custom homes, additions, finished basements and kitchen and bath major updates. Over the last l5 years, we have spent a lot of our time adding to and improving downtown Rochester. We have built over 50 new homes in the heart of the Downtown and done numerous additions and remodeling projects. This work included restoring some of the oldest homes in town to their original grandeur. Infill urban building is one of our specialties and we have building sites available in our Woodward Street Subdivision, which is a whole City block consisting of our new homes. We also have other scattered building sites in town for your consideration.

Our History

We are family owned and have been in business for more than 30 years. Our primary focus is the design and construction of custom new homes and condominiums and of major home remodeling projects and additions. We also have recently added additional capability to handle our customers’ smaller home improvement needs, including handyman services. Further, we also do light commercial work, including office and warehouse remodeling and construction. We are fully licensed and insured. The majority of our suppliers and subcontractors have worked with our company for many years ensuring consistent quality and service for all of our customers. We are proud to say that not one supplier or subcontractor lien has ever been filed against our company since we started for non-payment. Now that is impressive! We pay our contractors quickly upon completion and that means the customer will get their house done on time.

All of our new homes are “one of a kind,” which means that we never build the same home twice – each customer’s home is unique and is specifically designed for a particular customer’s needs. We have our own in-house interior designer who helps our customers make their feature and material decisions to create that unique appearance inside and out for their homes. We have an in-house graphic artist who can render a customer’s idea into a visual concept using Photoshop and other means for their review and approval. And further, we can ensure that your home is built to last because we have an in-house mechanical engineer. Let us design and build for you or just let us improve or remodel your home or commercial project.


Dave Smith

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Our Strengths
  • Our homes are interesting designs and are well built.
    • We know that this is the case because when the original purchaser resells our homes; it is very common to see the quote “This is a Smith-Building Home” in their home’s Realtor listing and advertising. Even in today’s poor housing market, our previously built new homes have been reselling quickly while holding their value. Further, we are very proud to say that we have several examples of customers having built two and even three new homes for them over the years. Often, we complete one remodeling project only to be asked to do even more work at a customer’s home. Designs that are unique and repeat business are hallmarks of a company that you should select for your building needs.
  • We are very good at scheduling our projects so that our customers get their new home or remodeling project done on time.
    • On occasion, our customers have told us to “slow down” because they can’t make their feature selections fast enough to meet our tight completion schedules. In fact, one homeowner who unfortunately chose a competing builder to build their new custom home remarked, “I can’t believe how Smith Building has steady activity every day at their projects and they get their homes built efficiently and with quality.” By the way, the competing builder was a past President of the Builder’s Association of SE Michigan.
  • We have our own proprietary customer contact records that we call our “Running Log.”
    • This documents each and every customer contact, phone call, decision or question so that we can make sure for every project that we don’t forget anything that the customer inquired about during the entire building process. It is amazing to see how many customers comment on the fact that we have addressed, in a timely manner, ‘each and every’ request that they made to us during our work for them. The “Running Log” is our secret weapon for not forgetting even the smallest of details about the home or remodeling project that we are doing for our customers.
  • We know our homes are special when we are frequently contacted and get paid by advertising firms to use our homes as background for their photo shoots for their marketing tools.
    • We know that the appearance and the exterior materials that we have selected for our homes are unique by the sheer number of phone calls that we receive inquiring about what brands and colors of materials we used on the exterior of a specific home or addition.
  • The majority of our skilled trades and subcontractors have worked with our Company for many years and, in fact, some have been with us since starting in 1987.
    • They know what we expect of them and doing their job right is required. One of our long time trim carpenter’s once said, “I never have to call you to ask, “How I should build it?” because I already know that you want it built the best way that I can with no short cuts that could sacrifice quality.” In short, all of our Trades know to build it to last and don’t cut corners.

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